As you stroll through campus on September 3, we invite you to join the University of Utah College of Fine Arts, the professional arts affiliates on campus, ASUU, and the Union Programming Council at Arts Bash 2014 on Library Plaza from 11A-2P.

One of the largest arts celebrations on campus, Arts Bash boasts live performances, information booths, free t-shirts, interactive art, a photo booth, and free food! You can grab a hot dog, watch a live performance of a number from Avenue Q, and check out the booths. Or you could check out the ceramists throwing pots at the Art & Art History Booth, or take some mustache-and-big-glasses photos with your besties in the photo booth. But, make sure you pick up a passport and collect enough stamps by visiting the booths, so you can redeem it for your free Arts Bash t-shirt. 


In essence, we’re throwing a massive party to let you know what arts experiences are at your fingertips as a student of the University of Utah, including art exhibits, dance performances, film screenings, concerts - even events at Kingsbury Hall, Pioneer Theatre Company, and the Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA). And, all it takes is your student ID.

Swing by Arts Bash to learn more.